About Us

Bay Area Casino Express is a small family owned and operated company providing bus service to various casinos in the northern California area for both dedicated service (scheduled) as well as per call group charter service. We believe in the golden rules of customer service and seek to treat each customer as our only customer. as a small business were not able to spend mass amounts of money on advertising, but we use that to our advantage. We believe that if you enjoy the service you receive, you'll be back and may even bring a friend or tell someone about us. What motivates us is the same as what excites us, and what excites us is the face of a smiling customer. The transportation industry is not only our specialty, it's our passion. Many things our competitors charge extra for we feel should be inclusive as standard practices. We seeek to create a traveling experience and environment that leaves you excited and inspred, not depressed and dog tired!!!!

"Our bus is like our home and our service is our hospitality,

so come for a visit and see what honored guest treatment should be."

- J. Walker Jr.